Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crafty Crazy

I've been going nuts the last couple of days...sewing up a storm!
Here are a few of my projects:
Cloth napkins for the kiddies... a few of them are monogrammed, per kids' request

Flannel washcloths for a new baby friend, Ellie Marie.

and...a washcloth mit to hold them

matching dresses for addie kate and mae mae and a matchy match headband for mama.(still finishing them...i'll try to post after i get them finished)

I've also sewn a couple of bags for groceries from the book Handmade Home, by Amanda Soule. I'll try to get them posted ASAP. :)
Fabulous book...i love it...and her first book...and her blog. :)


Kelli said...

Okay- let me see the full view of your cute headband. I am so proud of your sewing frenzy!! Way to go!

My daughter is currently working on her first Amy Butler skirt - darling! - and making fun headbands. I am currently organizing photos, finishing up a couple of scrapbooks & then hope to have my turn at the sewing machine:)

check out skip to my lou blog for cute sewing ideas.

Angela said...

Kelli! You are such an encouragement! Thanks for your sweet words. I'll try to post a full view of the headband soon. SUPER easy. I think I will create a smaller version and be making several for the girls, too.

Thanks for the blog recommendation. So cute.

Hope to see pics of your girlie's skirt...headed to your blog now.

So glad we reconnected!